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MET-MARK specializes in producing non-standard metal fastenings and screws.

A wide range of offered products and our presence since 1992 on the domestic and foreign markets qualifies us to the group of  leading Polish producers in this market segment. Accumulated experience in metal production and extensive manufacturing capacity convinced us to start a new product line, which is systematically being developed in parallel. Apart from economic considerations our main goal is to detach our children from a passive way of spending their free time in front of the computer or television and to offer them an alternative form of entertainment, which would adequately stimulate their physical development, or if necessary, rehabilitate them.

Our mission as well as our sales strategy is to offer vehicles featuring high quality and sufficient equipment to ensure the highest standards of safety in operation. In contrast, by limiting unnecessary features in standard versions, we enable our customers to take advantage of affordable and competitive prices.

Should our strategy be of interest to you, we look forward to our future cooperation.






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